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zaterdag 21 mei 2016
Vitas stopt bij Heren 1 For me it is the best club in the Netherlands (Heren 1 Team)

Vitas stopt bij Heren 1.

Vitas: "I have decided to take a sabbatical year in basketball due to personal reasons. There are some things to be settled personally and with my career at work. It is a tough decision, but I believe that this is the right moment. 

It's been a great season with H1 and overall 3 years that I have spent at the club. I feel very thankful to Binnenland for those years and their support. 

For me it's the best club in the Netherlands!"

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Basketball Days 2019!!!

1, 15 en 22 juni, Driesprong te Barendrecht.

Startoernooi 31 en 31 augustus

Seizoensafsluiting feest en mixtoernooi 15 juni

Ticket Center Dames 1.
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